BeKidsBaby™ was created by and for moms to make life easier & better as you grow from conception to a happy healthy family. We strive to bring great products, valuable savings, and shared mommy tips so we can help each other grow great families! Join our community and plug into our insightful communities to take advantage of the cost and hassle savings we bring to you with our curated, tested, and verified product offerings.

We started as ‘BabyEden’ with a tasty and healthy snack subscription bundle that our Co-founder, Megan Beirne, created to meet her own pregnancy needs. As she discovered her skill in finding high quality products and great deals for herself and her baby, she began to offer more products and services while engaging the community of mommies she helped on her journey.

And so BabyEden’s products became the first in a growing line of what is now BeKidsBaby products to encourage healthy, happy babies and parents that grow from conception into a thriving family while celebrating the journey. Ease your mind, and keep your baby and yourself happy & healthy with every bundle, insight, and product you get from BeKidsBaby!

We’re proud to offer you the the EASE™ product line from BeKidsBaby. We invite you to try each of our products, subscriptions & bundles that are created selected and curated to ensure they are: Easy, Affordable, Safe, & Effective – to create confident mommies, healthy babies, & happy kids!

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