The story: From baby Michael to Baby Eden to BeKidsBaby!

Welcome to BeKidsBaby – we were concieved as a way to meet the nutrition needs of expecting mommies before they even know what they need with wisdom, hassle free ordering, and high value products that we use ourselves at a volume discount in line with what typical mommies need.

Megan started out seeking a hassle free way to find foods and vitamins perfect for our first growing babys needs that met her work schedule.

I really started just because i needed healthy snacks and meals and was working almost up until labor – there is so much noise and so little wisdom, that when i found products I loved and new that they were healthy for mommies too, I knew I needed to share them… With my current friends and all expectant mommies

Entrepreneur and founding momma, Megan Beirne

Megan then crafted a subscription box and was accepted into the CrateJoy acceleration program that helped her launch the snack-ease subscription boxes. Soon after, baby Michael was born, and Megan realized there was so much more needed for newborns and for breastfeeding mommies recovering. Megan then started to offer other products and curated social conversations among mommies and between expectant mothers. This gave birth to Baby Eden’s Mom-ease product line up. Also, there was so much work and joy in planning birthday parties and other events around baby, that megan knew that Baby Eden could be so much more than just another subscription box or curated product company…

It soon became evident to me that celerbating Kids, throwing parties, and really making experiences memorable – without the hassle really epitomized what I was creating with Baby Eden – that it is all about the joy of children and mommies and babies. I knew then it made sense for us to change our brand to BeKidsBaby! Now our name really tells what we strive to deliver to our healthy client families: a joyous set of hassle free memories enjoyed by healthy happy mommies and babies and those who love them!

Megan Beirne, mother of two

We hope you have fun and enjoy our products and services. If you have an idea, feedback or a request that can help us be more helpful to you, please share it with us and we’ll do our best to integrate the best of these into our offerings for you and mommies everywhere!