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BabyEden is Now BeKidsBaby!

In the early days of our company we started as ‘BabyEden’ with a tasty and healthy snack subscription bundle that our Co-founder, Megan Beirne, created to meet her own pregnancy needs. Megan found that healthy easy and affordable eating of snacks and meals while at work and pregnant was virtually impossible. She found healthy snacks and found affordable ways to bulk buy, pair and combine products that would be easy to buy, store, use, and share for pregnant women.  The name Baby Eden evoked eating healthy for your baby, as well as finding all the natural, tasty products that can help you grow a child the best you can from the moment you conceive!

Later on, as Megan discovered her skill in finding additional mother and baby high quality products and great deals for herself and her baby, she began to offer more products and services while engaging the community of mommies she helped on her journey.  Soon this led to addition of event and activity products and other products that helped families celebrate their kids – from pregnancy announcements and gender reveals to early birthdays and “first” events in life.

It soon became clear that the real value proposition of the company was not just easing expecting mothers minds about the healthiest and safest products for their fetus, but also helping new moms ease their own journey through pregnancy, while helping parents really maximize their enjoyment of their young kids, and celebrate the joy of a new young family! We saw the true brand we were living with our customers was about healthy babies, fun kids AND maximizing the youthful joy of parents. We came up with BeKidsBaby as the new name for the company to emphasize these values and the experience we bring to our customers. BeKidsBaby is all about “confident mommies, healthy babies and happy kids™”!

And so our early BabyEden products became the first in a growing line of what is now BeKidsBaby’s EASE products to encourage healthy, happy babies and parents that grow from conception into a thriving family all while celebrating the journey. Ease your mind, and keep your baby and yourself happy & healthy with every bundle, insight, and product you get from BeKidsBaby!

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Baby Eden bundle picked for CrateJoy Accelerator

BeKidsBaby is proud of our bundle product team for being selected to participate in the esteemed CrateJoy accelerator program. In addition to gaining global exposure for our mommy focused products, our BabyEden SnackEASE™ bundle team is interacting with many experts in social media, ecommerce marketing, packaging and fulfillment to make our product experience for our customers even easier and more fun to enjoy!